Cyber Security
PG Diploma
Cyber Security
PG Diploma


As per REUTERS report on 08-12-2022, around 5 million persons’ data is stolen and sold in the market globally since last 4 years, out of which 6,00,000 persons’ data is from India. This stolen data includes logins, cookies, digital fingerprints, screenshots and other critical information.

The increasing volume of sensitive organizational data going online and the interconnected nature of our daily lives in general, is directly correlated to the exponential growth in cybercrime. Cybercrime includes phishing schemes, malware attacks and a huge group of wicked tactics that cost governments, organizations, and individuals. Today, there is a huge requirement worldwide for cyber security professionals to brace up to this threat.

STL Academy’s program enables candidates to learn various methods such as machine learning, statistics and cryptographic algorithms utilized in the domain of cyber security to protect the systems from unauthorized access and maintain data integrity.

STL Academy trains you hands-on in methods to prevent cybercrime, cyber-attack, and cyber terrorism, besides best-practices to prevent malwares, trojans, viruses, and other bugs from corrupting data.

18 Months
(12 + 6 months project)
Course Fee
STL Academy Presence
Bhopal | Bhagalpur | Bilaspur
Indore | Patna | Raipur
(12 more cities coming soon)


  • Cryptosystems
  • Cyber Attack Detection and Prevention
  • Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
  • Cloud Security and Analytics
  • Trusted Network Systems
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment Systems
  • Malware Analysis
  • Web and Mobile Application Security
  • Digital Forensic
  • Risk Detection, Management and Mitigation
  • Computer Security Audit and Assurance Secure Software Systems
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Bioinformatics and Biometrics
  • Classroom sessions, simulation exercises, case studies
  • Assignments and discussions
  • Projects (On-site and off-site)
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Information Risk Analyst
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Internal Auditor
  • Cyber Security Architect
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Ethical Hacker

Key Learning Outcomes

Fundamentals of Cryptography, Cloud Security, Network Security
Cybersecurity controls
Investigating data breaches, cyber attacks
Incident Response
to cyber attacks
risk management
Cyber threats


In-classroom programs especially designed for fresh graduates and early career professionals.
Program Designed by the IIT - Kharagpur team to meet the industry requirements.
Experienced trainers from different industry verticals.
Comprehensive Practical Intensive program for proficient technical and professional knowledge.
Assured career path through an experiential learning environment.
Exposure to real time industry case

Post Successful
Completion of
this course

Post successful completion of PG Diploma in Data Science, you will -

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in PG Diploma Courses of STL Academy

Any student who:

  1. Is a B.Tech with 50% or higher.
  2. Is a graduate in any quantitative discipline like engineering, mathematics,
    commerce, sciences, statistics, economics etc. with 50% or higher.
  3. Has cleared the STL – STEM (Sterlite Technical Eligibility Milestone)
    Test with 60% or higher.
  4. Can read and write in English.
  5. Is passionate about technologies.

For Cyber Security, the candidate should understand basic concepts of Math and Statistics, along with above requirements.

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